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“Those among us who do not know Afrikaans must now learn to study this language.

But still though I love his songs and he can do his thing. he’s also the member of Skwatta Kamp and he is successful as the solo artist as well. He likes to have catchy choruses that are easy to sing along. The guy cannot speak a vernacular language coz he grew up in America. He does it nicely and sometimes I don’t know what happens with his voice, one might think it’s a 9-year old rapping but I still like it. I think maybe it’s because of the beat of that song but I like it though. Some people say he wants to be Young Jeezy from America, dunno. And now he seems to be rapping more in English most of the time. He is arrogant bt he makes me vibrate & i cant hear most of his songs but im inluv with this guys. u know i like to play it like dat with u gal, somehow i feel the need to do [email protected] Lady - that psyfo song is his best work ever, it rocks! If anizazi ezi chap then y'all better ask somebody!We need to develop and deepen our empathy and compassion for each other.From there we can work together to create the world we want to give to our descendants, and even enjoy for ourselves! When learning isi Xhosa as an adult, or any language for that matter….He’s just finished his new album and the new single is called Sekela. And the video is finished, hey this guy is on the roll, everything is done. I like his songs and the way he raps even though I don’t understand what he says sometimes. But he started in the industry with a bang with his album The Main Event. I also love Mathata and Two Step which features Nnekwa. Nemza - No comment, ithini ingoma yakhe kanene????? Slikour - He is just a sweety pie......would like 2 kiss him 1 day. Da Les - I think i should call my 16yr old niece 2 comment about him. Good Afternoon Bloggers, JR - didnt know he is the one that sings the Gata Lenna song.... Prokid & Proverb - whenever people say Pro I have to first think who they refer to the Kid or the Verb....someone pls help me, the Pro refers to which one... Simply becaus e I think he is trying adn is sounding no different to Slikour.... I would maybe lik ethe way maybe Tuks would play around with the language & speak deep tswana( & then I start thinking he rocks & then coz im always laughing at Molemi's lyrics then maybe he is supposed to nb number 7 or something..what I mean? Tuks Sengangawhenever i see him i always think of Kanye West & The Game, because of his arrogance4. and Zubs was good at some stage, i dont know what happened now @Poke her nipples, ok let me give Tear Gas a chance, neh?! hehehekrkrkrkgkgkgkgi never chose to be black but damn it feels good i kinda wish the whole world was black, ask me bout my childhood i didnt need much...........................what im from the bundus.......its so hard to be you, it aint that bad to be, cant apologise to me, i dont owe anybody ish"I like da song ya JR that goes like.... That's were I thought hayi No now these guys are really shifting over to Kwaito. And his new song I don't remember the name of it sounds so much the same as his song Skhathi Sakhona from his previous album.He is the man that made me want to learn Ses Tswana. I don’t remember hearing him rap in a vernacular language only English. Sengaga also raps in Tswana, now this is the guy that gets too deep in his Tswana. Nemza - hear his name often but cant remember a single song from him... Hip Hop has never been my kinda music, sometimes I even still say it is Rap music, any difference between the 2lol im no saint cheesa especially when it comes to a cutie like slik. ...aaarg, anyway i dont know much about bo m'rapper Oh, how can i forget Tuks senganga....he just does something to me. O a tshabe maphodisa A tla o bofa ka ditshipi Ba na le tetla ya go dira so Ke skeem sa ga JAckie Selebi.... I think it's tight, however the person doing his PR for him is not promoting the song and him well. Its the same beat, same flow just different lyrics which sound similar. KNOCK KNOCKIs there any1 whose working hard like me? Oh some1 mentioned Mr Sewyl, can some1 plz give this guy a chance??????

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