Zippo lighter dating dating shows from the 80s

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To protect them they were finished with a thick black epoxy film and finally baken. The bottom stamps of those lighter are very hard to read because of that finish From the first of July on the "dot and slash system" was replaced by roman numbers.The roman II (on the logos right side) stands for 1986.It all started on one summer evening in 1932, at a dinner dance held at the Bradford Country Club, on a hill on the outskirts of Bradford, Pennsylvania. So far, he had yet to bump into anything promising. ", whirled in George Blaisdell's head that night. He couldn't sell any, he discovered that there were defects in the lighter.Blaisdell, who had been growing tired of the dance and idle talk of politics, went out onto the terrace to have a smoke. In these times, everyone must be looking for something that is low-priced, yet sturdy and durable, he thought. Blaisdell was determined to develop a new lighter that would not fail to light.The paper was switched to a glossy style that was used from the year 1933 until 1936.Zippo has offered a free repair service, that supports its lifetime guarantee, since its foundation.

Then the use of boxes was terminated, the last boxes were decorated with the flame design. The Zippo was first introduced as a promotional item in 1936 by the Kendall Refining Company.But, if the mount-style differences and specially made series boxes are taken into account, the number would total over 30 categories.The mount used between 19 was plain cardboard with a lighter-shaped cutout, covered with matte-black paper.The Zippo's story begins at this darkest moment.Zippo's success came about through initiative and hard work, through the creation of a durable and functional product, through ingenious marketing and attentive service, and through the innovation of a lifetime product warranty. Zippo." Blaisdell was one of those looking for a new way to make money. To improve its appearance, Blaisdell chrome-plated the lid of the lighter and raised the price to one dollar.

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