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(Williams’ “Cabaret” in Act Two is better than her “Maybe This Time” in the first half.) Whether the MC is sporting a swastika or a concentration camp outfit, this show still has the power to haunt. At first, I found Williams’ performance a little too self-conscious, but she got stronger, playing Sally as a chirpy, self-sabotaging, sad girl.At Saturday night’s GLAAD Media Awards Chaz Bono showed off his 60 pound weight loss since last fall, and a stunning blonde date.The gorgeous gal on Chaz’s arm hasn’t been identified yet, but Chaz spoke with The 44-year-old initially kicked off his weight loss with the meal delivery system Freshology, and now sticks to a low-carb diet of vegetables and meat. It’s in good shape, with Alan Cumming still sensational as the leering MC (who, at the matinee I saw, pulled a man up from the audience to dance with, then assured him, “Don’t be shy. Cabaret is back in a new incarnation of the fishnet-stockings-and-bumping-crotch-filled 1998 revival, which electrified Broadway with its refreshing lack of subtext. That was one of the most electrifying and inspiring performances, to see Lady Gaga from six feet away. When you’re talking to her, you could be in a sea of thousands, but you feel like you’re the only person in the room. Would you ever host an Aussie version of Drag Race? Drag is very much ingrained in the Australian pop culture—obviously from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to Dame Edna to Les Girls, a famous ‘70s trans showgirl show that was very mainstream, to myself on Australian Idol.

Latter-day Germany has an entirely different musical pull in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, with Neil Patrick Harris descending in a glittery outfit that he switches to glitzified denim as he rocks out as the German transsexual searching for completion.

It's amazing what hard work, determination and a few surgeries can do.

Bono has dropped a lot of weight and has transitioned into a healthy and chiseled guy.

He’s Irish and I’m Australian and we both live in America, and we bonded over cultural similarities. I sang “Sweet Transvestite” and “Happy Birthday” and got to meet her and hang out with her.

Also magically, you’ve performed for Lady Gaga and gotten to know her.

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