Waldorf dating

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Jenna Bazelon, 26, is the founder of Frum Girl Problems, a private Facebook group with over 9,500 members, all women. She recalled that one time, a potential date called her directly without any pre-vetting or involvement of an intermediary.Confused, Bazelon asked if he was calling her as a reference for someone else. I was just looking through a stack of resumes and I saw yours.Others — like Tali, who kept a special “shidduch date dress” — opt for color to show a bit more personality. Katz said it’s formal and clean, public enough that one is always around other people — as the modesty rules prescribe — yet private enough to hear each other.

One woman, Esti, went on over 50 shidduch dates before finding her now-husband.

Each man leads a woman to a corner where they’ll spend the next hour, maybe two.

Both hope that the person sitting across from them just might be the one.

Even though they’d been best friends for over a year, my yoga teacher’s first date with her now-husband was a “shidduch-style” meeting at the King David Hotel just down the road.

While they weren’t fully part of the culture, they tapped into a process that evidently works for many.

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