Stax validating parser

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From JSR-173 Specification• Final, V1.0 (used under fair use).

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This is different from an event based API - such as SAX - which 'pushes' data to the application - requiring the application to maintain state between events as necessary to keep track of location within the document.

St AX has its roots in a number of incompatible pull APIs for XML, most notably XMLPULL, the authors of which (Stefan Haustein and Aleksander Slominski) collaborated with, amongst others, BEA Systems, Oracle, Sun and James Clark.

Saxon has been validated with two St AX parsers: the Zephyr parser from Sun (which is supplied as standard with JDK 1.6), and the open-source Woodstox parser from Tatu Saloranta.

In my experience, Woodstox is the more reliable of the two.

A streaming alternative to these approaches was proposed in JSR-173: Streaming API for XML (St AX).acts as a cursor that points just beyond the most recently parsed XML token and provides methods for obtaining more information about it.This approach is very memory-efficient as it does not create any new objects.This is a rather low-level API; while considerably efficient, it does not provide an abstraction of the underlying XML structure.The higher-level iterator-based API allows the application to process XML as a series of event objects, each of which communicates a piece of the XML structure to the application.

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