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Through guilt we begin rejecting sacred aspects of ourselves and repressing them deep into our Shadow Selves; our sexual desires, quirks, attractions and fantasies.I’ve even seen some people deny their sexuality, dismissing it as a “lower physical instinct/vibration” or claiming to “rise above it” as if there is a division between “lower” physical cravings and “higher” spiritual functions when we are seeking wholeness.The physical, emotional and mental benefits of a healthy sex life are well documented and cannot be denied.Anyone who tries to make you feel ashamed about sex is an enemy of your spiritual growth.Shame is an emotion that we’re taught by our families and communities.Since a very young age we’re taught what we “should and shouldn’t feel bad about,” and as a result of this we develop the capacity to experience guilt.

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Although I’ve written about the value of Sexual Transmutation, or sexual abstinence in the past, I want to make it very clear in this article that sex can also work as a catalyst for cultivating spiritual well-being.Immerse yourself in a world of illuminating insight, soul-centered wisdom, and crystal-clear guidance.Receive all of Luna and Sol’s enlightening ebooks plus a free bonus guided meditation for 20% OFF!It is through this practice of conscious union that we can reach the next stage of soulful union.There’s a beautiful term in the Sanskrit Tantric scriptures known as “which literally translates to “sexual union.” Maithuna is one of Tantra’s most important teachings as it makes use of conscious “sexual intensity” as a ladder that ascends to greater heights of intensity, focusing upon the illumination of the soul rather than solely on physical sexual pleasure.

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