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Now they can add ,000 for the rebuilding work to the ,000 they paid for the harp, and they may get only fifteen years out of the harp for their ,000 investment.

about the harps frequency of regulation as harps, like cars, last longer when well maintained. If more than two years have passed since the last regulation, get it done before buying, and see if the tech approves of the harp.

) When a harp is rebuilt properly, the column block is reset to give the harp the advantage of the offset column to help the rebuilding work last longer.

It is CRITICAL for a person shopping for a rebuild that includes rebuilding the baseframe to know that the quote must include the cost of resetting the column block.

Fourteen years later, when I decided to start teaching, I knew I needed some student harps. I opened the yellow pages and started calling music stores.

If the harp has been played and moved a great deal, this could happen even sooner.They fell in love with it because it was "so pretty and sounded great" but now one of the pedals is not working right.I often end up giving them the news that there is little I can do for the harp, it needs to be rebuilt.If you cant confirm that this critical part of the rebuilding work was done, dont buy the harp.She continues: The term rebuilding in harp repair may have the same number of definitions as the number of people whom you ask, but Ive always understood it to mean the following: Full rebuild: New neck, rebuilt baseframe (should include resetting the column block ) action re-riveted and possibly the soundboard replaced.

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