P2p adult chat dating omline

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Nobody has a problem with that anywhere on the internet.

There are a myriad of phrases that are used in casual spoken language that might fall under "might expletives" but the vast majority of people do not even think about feeling offended by these.

In fact, these are integral and important parts of the Harry Potter books and films, and rightly so because romantic feelings are nothing that is restricted to adults or older teenagers as most of you will probably know by experience.

People need to be able to talk about what matters most to them, also in HOL channels, as long as it is not vulgar, sexually explicit or similar.

If you are new to HOL please read this whole page before joining the chat.It does not mean that the use of non-English words or phrases is in any way forbidden, and certainly no channel op should ever reprimand a user for saying the most obvious terms in a language other than English.Examples would be "merci", "hola", "auf wiedersehen", and the like.The single most important thing for ops to take care of is protecting the identity of minors.HOL does not store any personally identifiable data on its servers so we do not know for sure who actually is older than 18 and who is not - therefore these rules do apply to everyone in all areas of HOL: chatrooms, forums, profiles...

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