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Stepping to the advert’s defence, Ellie Howard, Heist’s head of community, told Metro, “We don’t believe that the advert is offensive in any way.We were asked to darken the image around the dancer’s bottom for more coverage, which we were happy to do.She said she wasn’t much for booze, but that there was weed back at her place. It makes me feel like everybody can read my mind, which is very stressful because my brain is a horrible minefield of anxiety and self-doubt.

This episode opens on our four contestants hanging out back at their house, basking in love, joy, and nudity like it’s a commune in 1969-era Berkeley.But, while she is clearly topless, there is nothing sexual about the image nor can you see anything appropriate.Despite this, TFL deemed the advert as ‘overtly sexual’ and asked Heist to superimpose a boob tube, or similar, to the woman’s body.I called a time out and went to the kitchen for some water. All things considered, she was really great about the whole thing. She lived alone, so I didn’t bother putting on any clothes. The glass had shattered on the floor when I went down. She didn’t want me to go home on my own—I was still pretty woozy—and instructed me to spend the night.

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