Lance krall dating service

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Impersonating Christopher Walken, Lance crank calls an actual restaurant and barks orders at a very flustered manager.

Looks prove to be deceiving, as a booty call gets sticky.

The simple act of moving a water cooler turns into office warfare.

Also featured: a prank call to a real dating service by a very undesirable guy, Chu Chi the psychic shocks a real person with a fake prediction about his future life as a pimp, Lance does a right-on impersonation of the wrong celebrity, and a washed-up celebrity from a canceled sitcom tries to impress nerds at a comic book convention.

Also featured: a romantic “morning-after” breakfast with a revolting twist, a reporter who isn’t dressed for the job, a narcoleptic on the subway, and a gay porn star prank calling a real résumé service.Within the first five minutes, a cast member is fired.Lance and friends watch his roommate's porno tape, only to be shocked by his roommate’s unusual fetish for office equipment.The cast included Annie Humphrey, Phil Cater, Sarah Baker, Anna Vocino, Loren Tarquinio, Rob Poynter, and Michael Sweeney all performed together with Krall at The Whole World Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.Krall is also credited as creator, director, executive producer, and editor on the show.

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