Kimberly elise and shemar moore dating

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His father, Marlyn was a business consultant, whereas his mother, Sherrod is a house-wife.Shemar mother was belonging from the mixed descent of Irish, Canadian and French as because she was born in Roxbury Massachusetts whereas his father was holding African-American in belonging. Moore loves spending time along with his books and family.To state that basic fact doesn’t begin to describe the deranged spectacle of the event.The house is no mere house: It’s a stone mansion bigger than Wayne Manor or Gosford Park.The film, directed by music-video vet Darren Grant, was written by Tyler Perry, a playwright and burlesque character actor who’s developed a major following on stage (he plays three roles in the film), and he pumps his clichés so full of hot air that they stay aloft even as you’re laughing at their brazenness.Tossed out on her own, without a penny of Charles’ fortune (she had signed a prenup), Helen is like the heroine of An Unmarried Woman abandoned into a world of pulp retribution and princess romance.Charles, you’d better believe, gets exactly what’s coming to him, but Helen also meets a too-good-to-be-true suitor, a steel-factory worker named Orlando (Shemar Moore) who, with his cornrows and soft manner, is like a hip-hop Ken doll.

”This is for every black woman who ever had a problem with a black man!She’s a walking one-woman could end up rousing its audience in a similar way.One of the most insidious lies in Hollywood is that its decision makers don’t care about black or white — that the only color that matters to them is green.He is an American by nationality belonging to the Afro-American ethnicity.Moore is the son of Marlyn Wilson (his father) and Sherrod Moore (his mother).

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