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She admits: "I do find that I'm drawn to people in my life, romantically or not, that have something to teach me.I'm drawn to people who I feel like I can learn from. But there is some sense of being changed by each person that I think I'm drawn to." Cute Couple Alert!

I'm just beginning in my life to gain places that I want to go back to and experience that way again," she says.

She says the first time she ever experienced such sadness was at 14. But these days, Stone is learning more about herself and the kinds of relationships she likes to be in.

It's like someone has killed you and you have to live through it and watch it happen ...

Stone realizes just how lucky she is to have such awesome men in her life – and ones that aren't leaving her heartbroken and crawling on the floor.

She's come a long way, and we can't wait to see where she's headed!

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