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This requires a sense of emotional safety on both sides, and a belief that our partner will not betray or intentionally hurt us.

If you doubt your partner, it will come through in anything you say.

Infidelity or a full-blown affair used to require hiding, sneaking around, cheap motel rooms and a lot of effort.

To some, therein lies the thrill, but for most who consider indulging, the fear of getting caught and losing the little nest they have created, acts as the deterrent, but with the internet or texting, having a “side-relationship” has become so easy.” *** I understand that there is no perfect marriage and that what goes on within an intimate relationship is unique in all of them.

Many will disagree and brush it off, in fact a survey in Divorce Magazine found that only 46 percent of men considered intense internet relationships to be infidelity, compared to 72 percent of women. In my books (literally), (excerpt below from “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” a real, loving relationship is a partnership of mutual support, mutual pleasure and mutual respect.

You make a choice to continue to relate with another person in a loving and conducive way so that each of you can meet your life goals and attain personal growth.

There may be stereotypical ideals but how many real life relationships are anything like these typical relationships we read about.

We are unique and transforming every day, how then can we conform to having typical relationships in order for them to be considered good?

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Agreed, but I am speaking now about those of us who want close, honest and emotionally intimate relationships based on trust above all else.

Chexting – a combination of cheating and texting has become very common and many don’t even acknowledge that they are in fact cheating.

Phase 2 In my opinion, this sort of dissatisfaction happens in phase two of a relationship/marriage. Christine Meinecke can last nine months to four years – this may vary greatly when they are modern or long-distance relationships.

In this stage, partners overestimate their similarities and idealize each other.

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