David tennant and billie piper dating

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"It's great because David is a genuinely nice guy - and also a very fine Doctor Who," he said.

"I'm delighted Georgia has found happiness because she hasn't always had an easy life." Prior to settling down with Georgia, David was linked with second assistant director Jennie Fava and BBC Wales staff member, Bethan Britton.

The couple got married in a very tiny non-public register workplace ceremony on 23 December 2011, followed by a reception party at the Swan eating house round the corner to the World Theatre in London.

David is notoriously non-public regarding his sexual activities and neither of couple have ever spoken regarding the other person or acknowledged the link publically.

Prompt - Behind the Scenes/Passion All the times David got romantically involved with someone on the set of Doctor Who. In the words of my wonderful Jennysintardis: “A moany Scotsman?

In this universe they are actors, David Tennant and Billie Piper filming on a show called Doctor Who.

The Doctor and Rose always expect the weird and out of the ordinary when it comes to their travels.eeeee: whom’st’ve the FUCK came up with these usernamesjencoco: mesuperpeter: it suits you ingridkazza: jen you have competition for biggest shitposter in this chat nowjencoco: whom’st'd've'lu'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es'nt't're'ing'able'tic do you think youre talking toeeeee: can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh little bit of respectoldtennant: i mean she did copypaste the entire script of the bee movie into the chat oncerattyburvill: *shudders* i have ptsd from that incidenteeeee: trucejencoco: agreed ---or, the one where jenna spews memes and everyone thinks arthur is gay. For @dtappreciationweek's DT appreciation week on Tumblr - day five. David Tennant has varied relationships with a formidable vary of leading ladies—from Sophia Myles to kiley Minogue and last, Peter Davison’s daughter, Georgia Moffett—and on- and off-screen relationship with co-star Billie Pipe.Anne-Marie pudding and David Tennant met in 1999, once they acted within the play 'Vassa' along.

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