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If you are pregnant, visit our pregnancy help page.

If you are being coerced or forced to abort by your parents, partner or someone else, you can find legal resources and help at The Center Against Forced Abortion.

Certainly, if your thoughts and feelings become so overwhelming that you feel you can no longer cope, seek professional assistance immediately.

Many, many people have experienced complete healing of their post-abortion symptoms through one of these programs.Bottom line: You may find help from a source you did not expect, but you should probably steer clear of any therapist, clergyperson or healing program that in any way will use or minimize your pain or vulnerability or tells you that you have to be pro-life or pro-choice to receive help or to heal. The average psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or counselor of any other academic stripe who does not understand post-abortion issues can often inflict more harm than good on the unsuspecting woman.Many may believe they have enough insight to help, but unless they have had additional training, they often don’t.For still others, it was forced by those in positions of authority or power.Regardless of the circumstances, healing is possible.

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