Dating 800 numbers

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In fact, the FCC has reserved area codes outside of the traditional 800 number serious just in case we run out.

The FCC is tentatively scheduled to release the newest toll free prefix 833 on April 22, 2017. The most recent toll free number prefixes to be released were the 844 prefix in 2013 and the 855 toll free number prefix in 2010.

Based on consumer demand, the FCC in conjunction with the National Toll Free Number Database Registry, Somos (formerly known as SMS/800) determine when new prefixes should be released to fill a shortage in toll free numbers.

Sumos manages the spear pool of toll free numbers and allows special phone companies called Resp Orgs (responsible organizations) to provision numbers from the spear pool and provide consumers with toll free number service.

To transfer your toll-free phone numbers to Mitel from other telecom service providers, see one of the following articles.

For specific one-time charge and other pricing information, contact your Mitel Account Manager or Mitel Support.

Historically, new toll free prefixes have been released every 3-5 years.

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The list includes telephone numbers for consumers requesting assistance in English, Spanish and Chinese on how to start the California Life Line service, check the status of current applications, or file a complaint with the appropriate regulator.The prefix 811 has not be reserved to be used as a toll free prefix.Certain areas of North America use 811 as a governmental information line similar to 411 or 911, therefore the area code 811 is not a toll free number will not be used as such.Since 800 numbers were first released on the early 1960’s almost all of them have been snapped and are currently in use by businesses across North America.But the answer is yes, Uni Tel Voice has a large selection of true 800 numbers available for instant signup.

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