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I never dated anyone before him because i always wanted to make sure it was in God’s will. The thing is that i dont know if french kissing is bad. This is a difficult question, but I believe it’s always better to err on the side of conservatism than go too far and regret it later.

You can't steal the bacon if your hands not in the frying pan! If you Kiss a young lady while dating, (I believe dating is wrong also but beside the point) remember that you may not marry this girl. But another part of being human is controlling sexual and other desires. Lewis pointed out, there may be times when a husband needs to encourage his sexual instinct and desire.

Sexual desire is something God put there, and is not sinful in itself. There is nothing what wrong with kissing while dating.

Romans 3: 20 tells us that as sinners we come short of the glory of God.

However, we have an advocator, a righteous judge who truly judges and corrects..forgives us from all our unrighteousness. When I kiss my mother or sister closed mouth on the cheek, it is sacred.

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