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In the past, the chief was believed to have supernatural powers that allowed him to turn into an animal (elephant, buffalo, or leopard).The chief is responsible for the protection of his people, dispensing supreme justice, and ensuring the fertility of the crops and fields.society, who reports directly to the king, is responsible for dramatic masquerading displays.This was formerly a warrior society, whose members today are made up of powerful, wealthy men.They work eight-day weekly cycles and in long distance inter-ethnic exchange.Men are mostly responsible for tree crops and clearing the fields for the women and building any fences that are needed.

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They nominate heirs and heiress who will inherit the land and responsibility of all dependents on the land.

The Bamileke tribe is governed by a village chief who is supported by a council of elders.

Bamileke masks were usually worn during ceremonies and rituals such as funerals and annual festivals.

The art styles of the grassland tribes are had to differentiate because of the complex migration patterns of the region.

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