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Has the thin black see through grill cloth instead of the black spray painted salt and pepper grill cloth. Hylight 4x12 AP cabinet 4x100 watt cast frame rear-loaded rear-ported Heavy Duty Fanes, 300 watts at 16 ohms, original blue/black wiring harness, 3 original cast frame purple-backed Fanes type 12302 rated at 100 watt and dated 46/76,1 replaced purple-backed cast frame Fane type 122879 rated at 100 watt and dated 42/77 (research suggests that this speaker comesfrom an SE4127 PA column, salt a& pepper grille, built like a tank and weighs a ton Hylight SE4129 4x12 rear loaded with cast frame 50 watt Heavy Duty Purple Back Fanes. Purchased from Guitar Center Detroit back on July 30, 1998. Hylight 4x12 Hylight AP 150w 16ohm 4x12, 4x 38/73 122142 cast frame Fanes with purple Hiwatt labels, 50w 17000 flux density, with original wiring harness, untouched black interior with OF or DF initials chalked inside, original black/blue piping vinyl cover OEM wheels, as new cond, also has original factory custom order grill cloth similar to S n P but a bit more silvery. Two original Hiwatt Fane speakers purple with silver lettering. Tolex totally removed in the operation, but the cab still has its S/N plate. It still has the two remaining 122142 50W 16ohms speakers, date 06/76 sounding perfectly right. Cab is in amazing condition with little to no wear or nicks in the tolex, and has 3 original Fane 122142s one of which I was told has low output and is on the way out but i haven't yet installed it back into the cab to test it. Hylight 4x12 100w/16 1 thick rear panel made of chipboard appears original. fitted by previous owner, Steve Lee, who lived in the SF area in the 70s, brought this with him when he moved to UK. Now loaded w/ (2) Fane 122231 (1 cast, 1 stamped) and (2) Fane 122142 cast frame. Two speakers burnt out, so the previous owner decided to not replace the faulty speakers, and cut it to make it lighter. Also looks like it has Hi-Fi 6 stamped on each speaker chassis. Wheels and recessed plastic/metal carrying handles. Small cut-away slot/port at the base of rear panel. S for special Grill cloth is a variation seen on other 4x12s, similar to Sound City cloth. 2 sockets on rear, short trailing lead coming out of top socket surround apparently for optional horn! S for special Grill cloth is a variation seen on other 4x12s, similar to Sound City cloth. Hylight 4x12 Salt and Pepper grill, cut-out handles, cast frame 122142 silverback speakers with purple label, two with stamped date 35/73 and 38/73 and two with redwhite sticker with gauss/power/etc indication but no year indication but matching the other two, so they should be same era. Salt/pepper grill cloth, very clean exterior, interior looks factory fresh. Hylight 4x12, 150w rear-loader, rear port, cutout handles, round jack plate w/ white jack. acquired summer 2010, all in all a fantastic sounding and looking cab! Hylight 4x12 Fane 122142 cast frames, 44/73 date codes, OEM casters and vinyl slip cover. Hylight 4x12 I paid 75 dollars about 20years ago for a fender squire and the cabinet and its been in storage for the last 10 years and was just checkin to see the year and value of it,it has fane speakers with plastic purple cover on them,i only have one of them but i think i still have the rest somewhere and is in good shape and sounds great.

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Hylight 4x12 Oddly this cabinet came equiped with 4x12 Fane 12390 speakers. Original Fane speakers, casters added, has plastic grab handles.The first two digits of the number identify the year of manufacture, (, , etc.).The following six digits are the unit identifier, although it should be noted that these final six numbers are not sequential and do not provide any other identification information about the instrument. Front baffle screwed through from rear to front lip. Cab is in great shape, usual wear from years of use. Each speaker has one green dot sticker with 16 Ohm stamped and also one red dot sticker. Hylight 4x12 Purchased today, March 26 2012 from Motor City Guitar in Metro Detroit area Michigan for 5.

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